There are two new episodes of The Creatrix Gallery podcast released every day! 


The Morning Gratitude Practice is released at 6am GMT and The Evening Wind Down is Released at 6pm GMT

This year across both shows we are going to be celebrating the Master Number we have been blessed with, 22. Known in Numerology as the "Master Builder," the number 22 channels cosmic wisdom down to Earth and uses it to turn incredible dreams into reality. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say this is something we all want to achieve? 

The Morning Gratitude Practice is all about starting your day off positively by celebrating 11 things you are grateful for, reciting 22 amazing affirmations and setting ourselves up for the day ahead. 

The Evening Wind Down is all about celebrating 11 things you have achieved during the day, Oracle Card readings for the next day, 22 powerful mantras, setting your intentions for the next day, A powerful ancient forgiveness prayer to release us all from that which no longer serves us and a 30 minute meditation session. 

The episodes can be listened to in the player below this text or on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and anywhere else podcasts are available.

A special thank you to Richard Digance for providing all of the incredible music you hear throughout these episodes.