New to The Creatrix Gallery we introduce you to graphologist David Blessing. Graphology is a character analysis related to your very own handwriting, and you will be surprised, indeed amazed, by his findings.


Your handwriting changes more than you think, every day in fact, and it also reveals more than you think too, depending on your highs and lows and your current moods and hopes. Every single letter from A to Z hides a secret related to your personality, something you may not have realised before. It helps you to understand yourself.


Graphology helps you to realise your dreams by helping you understand your inner-being. It reminds you of both your good points and your shortfalls, things that change daily. All you have to do is believe in the analysis. ‘This isn’t me!’ Yes it is, be assured.


Once you have paid the one-off fee of £30 you will be invited to send a sample of your handwriting to David. One line and a signature is not enough. He needs at least 100 words, the content is irrelevant, he only studies the style to determine your inner moods at that particular moment.

Reading Between The Lines