I'm a partially sighted digital artist, Charlotte Emily known as Charlie. I'm a 4th Generation Creatrix, Cartomancer, and Green Enchantress who works with the universal energies to create my magical artworks.

The Moon is my biggest influence, providing a daily source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Even when the Moon isn’t visible in the sky, it’s always there driving me on, pushing me to be the best version of myself and a life of freedom and liberation. 


I'm based in the breath-taking city of Salisbury, the City of The Countryside, in the beautiful county of Wiltshire, South West England. My neighbours of nature inspire my artworks and practices.  

For many years Charlie has practiced divination her life inspired by nature and natural elements, choosing more recently to display this passion publicly. I love to share this gift with those that wish to receive it. As a 4th generation practitioner I am blessed to have multi-generational experience that allow me to continue to create the mystical artworks that fill the pages of this gallery. 

I hope that you enjoy your time with me here at The Creatrix Gallery, if you wish to reach out please feel free to email me hello@thecreatrixgallery.co.uk